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Please read questions below and if you can not find your answer, please send us your question, we will answer you as soon as possible.

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We have currently stores in Bangalore; one in Malleswaram and the other at Banaswadi. Find a complete list of our locations using our store locator.

[/cz_acc_child][cz_acc_child title=”How quickly do you deliver?” id=”cz_91118″]

Within 24 hours to 48 Hours Depends on the delivery location.

[/cz_acc_child][cz_acc_child title=”If I purchase from Bangalore can it be delivered to other states in India?” id=”cz_30412″]

Yes, Aditya Retail will deliver the products PAN INDIA. Delivery charges will be additional. Aditya Retail will not be taking responsibility of Transit Damages.

[/cz_acc_child][cz_acc_child title=”Do I have to pay Sales tax for my order?” id=”cz_53596″]

All prices are including taxes.

[/cz_acc_child][cz_acc_child title=”How can I check if you deliver to my area?” id=”cz_38975″]

Please check the serviceability by entering the Pin code on the pin code check area on the product page. Incase pincode is not visible, please call us and check for delivery.

[/cz_acc_child][cz_acc_child title=”Will the home delivery and Installation happen or taken place on the same day?” id=”cz_71027″]

As per BSH policy, Installation usually takes 24 to 48 Hours During Peak season / festive season the installation time may extend by another 24 to 48 Hours.

[/cz_acc_child][cz_acc_child title=”What payment methods you will accept?” id=”cz_75161″]

You can use any one of the following payment methods: Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Cash on Delivery. (Within Bangalore)

[/cz_acc_child][cz_acc_child title=”For any other questions?” id=”cz_75161″]

Please email info@adityaretailonline.com or call 080 2542 2525

[/cz_acc_child][cz_acc_child title=”Can we physically check the material before ordering?” id=”cz_75161″]

You can visit any of our stores in Malleswaram or Banaswadi and check the product displayed.

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