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iQ700 built-in fridge 212.5 x 75.6 cm


  • Hyperfresh Plus: keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for up to 2 times longer.
  • Control all functions easily and precisely with just a soft touch , using touchControl electronics
  • More storage space for your groceries – bigCapacity.
  • The superCooling button reduces the temperature for a set time, to quickly cool down fresh food items.
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  • Net Capacity (Total) : 463 L
  • Net Capacity Fridge: 463 L
  • Gross Capacity (Total) : 547 l
  • Gross Capacity (Fridge) : 547 l
  • Appliance Height: 2125 mm Appliance Width: 756 mm Appliance Depth: 608 mm
  • Noise level: 40 dB
  • 159.594

Cooling Systems

  • noFrost: No more defrosting: the noFrost technology. With noFrost, a ventilation system diverts the humidity from the freezer compartment. As a result, the air remains dry. This reliably prevents frost from forming on the inside of the appliance or on your food.
  • superCooling: Stable temperature: superCooling. You can use the superCooling button to quickly reduce the temperature in the refrigerator to +2 °C. This prevents an undesirable rise in the temperature of your already chilled food whenever you add food that is not as cold.
  • freshSense Your fridge knows what your food needs: freshSense. Even the slightest changes in temperature, like the sun shining on the fridge freezer, can affect the conditions inside the fridge – and thus the freshness of your food. To prevent this, freshSense measures the temperature on the inside and the outside of the fridge and knows when the surrounding conditions change. As soon as a change is registered, the control system immediately takes countermeasures to ensure your food stays fresh for as long as possible.

Convenience & Safety

  • multiAirflow: Ensures even cooling at all levels: the multiAirflow system. The multiAirflow system circulates the air evenly in the refrigerator compartment for constant temperatures. Foods recently placed inside are cooled faster. And the fresh food quality is preserved better.
  • safetyGlass shelves: Shatterproof and easy to clean: the safetyGlass shelves. All glass shelves are made from extra strong, easy-to-clean safety glass. If something tips over, the spillage is contained and does not spill into the rest of the refrigerator compartment.
  • Telescopic rails: Ergonomically ideal access: fully-retractable drawers on telescopic rails. Thanks to the optional accessory of fully retractable drawers on telescopic rails, you can easily pull the drawers out far. This gives you a better overview of all food items and makes them easier to remove.
  • “Food stays fresh up to 3x longer: hyperFresh premium 0°C. Both the temperature and humidity are crucial for preserving freshness for longer. The hyperFresh premium 0°C drawers – one for fruits and vegetables with humidity control and one for fish and meat – provide clear benefits thanks to differing humidity levels. Your food remains fresh for up to three times longer, and vitamins are preserved for significantly longer. The separate compartments also avoid unpleasant odour transfer.”
  • hyperFresh plus Keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for up to two times longer: hyperFresh plus. A slider lets you adjust the humidity level in the hyperFresh plus drawer to its content. This guarantees an ideal humidity level that preserves flavour, vitamins, and nutrients for longer.
  • Language setting at the display

Fridge Compartment

  • 4 shelves (with 3 adjustable)
  • 0° C dry temperature adjustable container
  • Vegetable container with rail
  • hydrofresh container with telescopic rail
  • 3 small trays on door
  • 1 big tray on door
Width of the product (mm) 756 mm
Height of the product (mm) 2,125 mm
Required niche size for installation (HxWxD) 2134.0 x 762.0 x 610 mm
Main colour of product Not applicable
Refrigerator Net capacity (l) – NEW (2010/30/EC) 463 l
Freezer Net capacity (l) – NEW (2010/30/EC) 0 l
Energy efficiency class A++: very efficient
Energy consumption annual (kWh/annum) – NEW (2010/30/EC) 141.00 kWh/annum
Automatic motor-driven ice-maker
Temperature display fridge digital 7 segment
Noise level (dB) 40
Door hinge Right reversible
Material ofthe shelves Glas
Shelves for Bottles
Length electrical supply cord (cm) 300 cm


Home Connect
Home Connect Features iService Remote, Remote Monitoring and Control
Connectivity type Wi-Fi



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